Alisha Mishell

Transformational Astrologer

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla.  

Astrological Awareness inspires a transformational process of remembering your connection to the Solar System and Nature. Understanding this interdependent Cosmic relationship is empowering, liberating, and healing.  Alisha has been called a Transformational Astrologer as she assists her clients by bringing awareness to their subconscious patterns and karmic residue while clarifying their innate gift and attributes. Alisha interprets charts from both a personality (Exoteric) and a soul (Esoteric) point of view. 


About Alisha
As a child I was deeply intrigued by symbols, archetypes, myths and the world religions, however being raised in a fundamental Christian environment, my inquiries were often met with impatience, fear,  and concern. While in college, I began researching religions, Jungian Psychology and ancient myths. With time and research, I found that schisms (splits in our consciousness)  in our culture between head and heart, spirit and matter, and science and religion, are connected to the collective belief systems we adopt at birth and assimilate throughout our lives. Where we are born on Earth will determine the flavor of psychological conditioning and cultural socialization received by our local “belief” systems. 

Mathematics is the language of Nature
I perceived a connection to the “galactic influences”  and forces in our Solar System and saw how our natal chart depicts their interplay through geometry and physics. Amazed at the accuracy of the math, and the obvious suppression of its knowledge, I began to reconcile my Christian roots with the application of Astrological principles. A vision was born to bridge the gap between the mundane and the mysterious that would help heal the collective schism and correct the massive distortion and egocentricity that limit our perception.

How Alisha got started
After integrating several mystical experiences and what seemed more like memories, I began to interpret astrology charts in 1998. I saw how we are as connected to the sun, stars, and planets as we are the air, water and trees of the Earth. Our Solar System is actually ONE system and we are intimately connected with our chi and our biorhythms with Nature.

Understanding the alchemy of your personal planets, the social constructs with the Jupiter and Saturn cycles, and the transcendental aspects of the outer planets can bring deep transformation from within the individual to the collective.

It is my passion to share the language of the stars with you. I specialize in astrological profiles, family constellations, and relationship dynamics. An astrology reading can help you:

  • Discover innate talents and gifts
  • Bring awareness to subconscious patterns
  • Understand family dynamics and relationship patterns
  • Identify your communication style and love language
  • Recognize life transitions and windows of opportunity