Mathematics is the Language of Nature

Scientific Mystic - Alisha Mishell
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I have been called a Scientific Mystic & Transformational Astrologer as I assist my clients by bringing awareness to their subconscious patterns and karmic residue while clarifying their innate gift and attributes.

I interpret charts from both a personality (Exoteric) and a soul (Esoteric) point of view.     Read my story


Astrology is an Ancient Science that can serve as a tool to help our personal and global splits in consciousness.


Customized and Synthesized Personal Interpretations of your Natal Blueprint.

Romance and Love
Understand relationship patterns, drive and styles with an introuction to Venus and Mars in your natal chart. 


Major Life Transitions

Familiarize with key transits and opportunities for growth and transformation.


Relationship Compatibility

Discover the patterns and dynamics within relationships, family members, and acquaintances.

Mind, Body, & Spirit

60 minute coaching sessions to unlock the archetypal mysteries & natal matrix.

Vocation, Job, or Calling

Discover your Astro Archetypal Imprints that energize your gifts and talents
with vocation and or calling.


There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres”  Pythagoras

Galactic Alchemy is a deep dive into your personal geometry and alchemical tapestry as it is set by your birth and first breath. You will learn how the Sun, moon and each planet connect to your personal psyche interdependently and how to work WITH the Forces with activated awareness. This course will expand your world view and your unique connection to the Galactic Symphony. *Activate*Connect*Empower*

Gnosis Knows

Our concept of time is limited by our perception,  language, and medieval calendars that  diminish connection to synchronous bio-rhythms with nature.