Services – Customized & Synthesized Personal Interpretation

Just as the Oak tree grows from innate detailed patterns hidden deeply within a humble seed, YOU too are born into the psychical dimension with an intrinsic pattern from which the tapestry of your life takes shape.

The moment you take your first breath, you are magnetically encoded with the energetic interplay of the Sun, Moon, Planets & Constellations. Since you are predominantly water, you act as a living conduit for electricity.

This energetic impression literally depicts the interaction of Cosmic cycles and configurations throughout our entire life within each personified imprint. Every human represents Spirit in physical form portraying ‘Archetypes” that modify each journey. There is an interdependent system that exists between ALL things in our known Universe: Separation IS a Collective Illusion!

We are bio-rhythmically connected to the sun, moon and planets.
The solar system is the Cosmic Clock.

Over 13 new moons, I will share galactic activation techniques, expand upon the archetypes connected to each moon, and relate the knowledge to your personal astrological birth chart to help you spark memory and harmonize with natural astrological currents. When we remember our connection to the Forces of Nature and work within its cycles, it can open the door to our self realization and actualizing our power and potential.

This course will be taught in an evergreen style and begins on the New Moon Cycle of July 13, 2021

$13 per class drop in rate/ or $150 pre-registered for the year 

(*Registration includes personalized ephemeris and materials)  

**Each chart comes with a recorded synthesis by Alisha and supplemental printed information for the optimal integration of Astrological insight. These are sent via email as a PDF file and MP3 format respectively. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation, an invitation to the recorded call and a request for birth information to start your interpretation. 

*Discounts may be available for those on fixed incomes or economic hardships. Please inquire via email – Alisha@AstroAware.Net