Our concept of time is limited by perception, language, and medieval calendars that diminish human connection to synchronous bio-rhythms with nature. There are actually 13 moons in one solar year every 28 days. The Solar cycle is 364 days and the last day is the spiral unto the next rung of the following year. Our modern calendar began around 45 BC designated by Julius Caesar as a system consisting of 12 months and 365.25 solar years.

 In 1582, this system was replaced by our present representation decreed by Pope Gregory XIII. Many ancient cultures ( Druids, Mayans, Chaldeans, Greek, and Islam to name a few) attuned to the ebb and flow of the moon’s rotations for their time keeping. In the modern era, much of society alters the time twice a year and enforces leap year as a form of compensation.


We are bio-rhythmically connected to the sun, moon and planets.
The solar system is the Cosmic Clock.


I will be sharing galactic activation techniques in an upcoming 13 moon course, to help you spark memory and harmonize with natural astrological currents. When we remember our connection to the Forces of Nature and work within its cycles, it can open the door to our self realization and actualizing our power and potential.

Understanding the alchemy of your personal planets, the social constructs with the Jupiter and Saturn cycles, and the transcendental aspects of the outer planets can bring deep transformation from within the individual to the collective.  I will teach two formats per moon. One for adults and another class specifically for young stars (Teens 12-17 years of age). Pre-register for the year or drop in monthly.