Each year, many of us celebrate Easter as a Christian Holy Day to remember the resurrection of Jesus. Like Christmas, Easter was originally a Pagan celebration of Ostara, ancient Germanic goddess of spring. This is where the Easter bunny and decorated eggs originated from in our modern traditions. After the advent of Christianity, Easter became associated with the resurrection of Christ.

Astrologically speaking, rebirth and resurrection are themes of Pluto. The energy of this recently demoted planet represents power, transformation and renewal. Every 248 years, Pluto transits the constellation of Capricorn disrupting the status quo of the current social structures. Capricorn represents the government, the ruling class, and foundations such as the economy, banking, education, and health care.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn (1762-1777), the world witnessed the American and the French revolution and the onset of the Industrial Age. The reoccurring combination of this energy sets the stage to purge the abuse of power, to reveal what has been hidden, and transform the society through massive upheaval and change.

Pluto’s previous passage before this one was in Capricorn (1516-1533) introduced the revolution from Catholic church with Martin Luther’s theses. He was “protesting” against the abuse of power within this infrastructure and thus was born the Protestant lineage.

There is a binding thread that connects all of these major events. Humanity is again on the brink of upheaval, transformation, and rebirth. Perhaps this is where the adage that “history repeats itself” emerged from?

Capricorn also represents order, patriarchy, the elderly, and end of life issues. Consider the social challenges we have been collectively facing since Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn in 2008. We now have an opportunity to transform personal, national, and global infrastructures with expanded awareness and be revitalized as Pluto enters progressive Uranian ruled Aquarius in January 2024.

This force awakens the minds and hearts of the people toward community, altruism, and a higher vision of humanitarianism. In the coming years, we will remember our connection to each other as one species and work together in harmony, but at this moment, we are in the final stages of a collective re-birthing process. Oftentimes,  endings will be an omen of a new beginning disguised as loss.